Rex Camposagrado

SEO Manager

With over 16+years experience in SEO, Web Analytics, and Digital Marketing, Rex has experienced, troubleshooted, and adapted to all types of SEO and Digital Marketing scenerios over the years. He knows the Google Algorthims well enough to quickly adapt when changes do happen as well as has vast web marketing experience from working or consulting for agencies, big corporations, universities, B2B, B2C, and has done work for a wide variety of industries. He's basically seen it, done that, and keeps up-to-date with SEO and Digital Marketing trends on a daily basis to continue to help SGC websites grow.

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Change is good for every industry, especially when it forces everyone to up their SEO game. I’ve been in the SEO & digital marketing industry since long before Google dominated search, and I’ve seen a lot of changes to SEO during that time — some good and some bad. Today, we’re living in an entirely different world. Google is reported to change its search...