Career Tracks

We believe that we offer more than a job — we offer careers.

Our employees are successful because they are pursuing careers in disciplines they enjoy to support industries for which they are passionate.

We foster an environment of lifelong learning and promotion from within in the constantly evolving industry that is communications.


Each of our media divisions has its own editorial staff reporting to an editorial director. Each editorial director is responsible for establishing the editorial mission and ensuring that the division’s editorial products provide the highest quality editorial content possible while meeting the readers’ informational needs. The positions of managing editor, editor and senior editor report to the editorial director. Editorial staffs at the divisional level are recognized as industry experts by readers and marketers alike, and their expertise is in demand at industry trade shows and events. 

Our editorial pool, consisting of our entry-level positions of editorial intern, assistant editor and associate editor, reports to the Creative Services Manager and accepts editorial assignments from all media divisions. This allows us to provide consistent training in equipment and software across all media platforms (print, digital, video, SEO) as well as providing assignments of progressive complexity while allowing exposure to all of our divisional markets. This cross-divisional exposure provides maximum opportunity for skill development and career advancement.



Our Creative Services team of print and digital designers provides the visual signature of our products while pushing the technical boundaries. Working side by side with the editorial, sales, events and Custom Media teams, our designers brainstorm together to keep our print media fresh and address the technical challenges of our ever-expanding array of digital product offerings. Our marketing promotions staff is a one-stop shop providing marketing services from concept through execution for our media divisions and their clients.



A career in media sales has never been more challenging or rewarding. By establishing relationships that result in identifying pain points and solving marketing problems for our customers, our salespeople are recognized in their industries as the idea people. They assist their clients in harnessing the energy that is media in the digital age through fully integrated media packages.



The internal functions of Accounting/Traffic, Information Technology, Audience Development, Marketing Promotions and Human Resources/Facilities provide operational support for all areas of the company. Entry-level positions exist in all departments with career tracks designed to develop skills in your discipline while customizing your expertise to the specialized structure of media.