Joel Hughes

VP of IT

In addition to being the VP of IT for Scranton Gillette communications, Joel is a competitve water skier, family guy, guitar player, and tinkerer. Joel also enjoys photography, comedy, music, bowling, car, boat, and home repair.

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Launching a new website soon? A lot of companies out there have held off on new website builds through the recession and are now looking at quite a bit of “tech debt” in their old sites. Regardless of what platform you choose and what consulting firm you go with to build your new site, there are plenty of ways to do it wrong. As somebody who’s been around the block a few times with site rebuilds...
I have a new wallet now, from an awesomely marketed wallet manufacturer called Bellroy. How did I end up with this wallet? Content marketing. Plain and simple. I was on some website (I can't recall which one at the moment) and noticed a display ad offering information on how to slim down your wallet. As a guy who already prides himself in having a slim wallet, clicked on the ad and dove deep...