The Water Market publications serve three major sectors within the water industry: water and wastewater, water treatment and quality, and storm water and erosion control. 

Each publication delivers industry trends, technical solutions, product news and best practices for its respective market.

Water Quality Products circulates in plus-one format to more than 25,000 qualified professionals in each major market segment of theresidential and commercial water treatment industry, including dealers, retailers, contractors, distributors, plumbing, heating and air conditioning wholesalers, bottlers/bottled water dealers, manufacturers/suppliers of point-of-use products, distributors/ wholesalers of point-of-use water treatment equipment and manufacturers.   It is the only industry magazine that independently audits purchasing authority for 14 of the industry’s product groups.


Water & Wastes Digest reaches more than 80,000 qualified water and wastewater professionals working for municipalities, in industry or as engineers. The publication is referred to as "the big one" —  the largest and most comprehensive industry resource, presenting news and product information in an oversized tabloid format.


Serving both the storm water and erosion control markets, Storm Water Solutions reaches more than 70,000 qualified professionals. The publication is a shared supplement of Roads & Bridges magazine and Water & Wastes Digest. Subscribers include engineers, contractors, government officials and other professionals who actively design, specify, buy and maintain storm water and erosion control industry equipment and services.


Smart & Resilient Cities™ (S&RC) is the exclusive and independent resource for urban planners, leaders and visionaries, commerce developers and academics who are looking now for solutions to tomorrow’s challenges of adapting legacy urban centers to accommodate future economic and social needs.

Smart & Resilient Cities is about modernization and future design — and providing the data and resources that planners need to help define goals, design to meet those goals, implement policies, and maintain, administer, and upgrade the results.


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