Web Development

Any way you cut it, web development is a challenge. We have been on both sides of the table — client and consultant — over the past decade. Not only do we understand your pain, we have lived it. And overcome it. We solve "now" problems with "now + tomorrow" solutions to provide extensible, re-useable and lasting value.

Web development is much more than just coding. We approach traditional web projects with content strategy, search-ability and a device-agnostic philosophy. We don't just think of desktops, tablets and mobile devices; we think post-mobile, post-tablet, post-browser. Got a mess on your hands? We do the hard cleanups, the impossible migrations and the miracle projects. SGC will get your project back on track.

Contact Joel Hughes, Vice President of Information Technology, at [email protected] for more information.



Drupal’s open-source content management and organization system is the cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies. We cover ALL aspects of Drupal development, including: module development, theming and site conversions. To accomplish our goals in the cleanest, most extensible and maintainable fashion, we leverage core and contributed modules, whenever possible.


Data is our lifeblood: data conversions, system conversions, data aggregation, data mining, data export/import… we know it well. We are SQL experts and also are very well versed in XML, JSON, and web services. Sound technical? It is; but we do it all, and we do it right.


We can convert your conventional website design into a sophisticated and interactive web experience, using standards-compliant HTML, CSS, jQuery and AJAX technologies. We love responsive design and platform-agnostic design — and our clients love the results.


Content strategy is absolutely key to the success of your website. We wade deeply into taxonomy, device-agnostic content strategy and content structure to deliver a website that offers content that is rich and weighty. If your website is not delivering what your users need, contact us for a content strategy session.


Is your website on page one of organic search results? If not, we can help. By wrapping on-page and technical SEO techniques around content strategy, we can ensure your content is not only found, but is also more prominently displayed in search results.


Can't find something off the shelf to suit your business needs? Why not let us create it for you? Our in-house web development staff and website designers bring decades of development experience to the table and are at-the-ready to bring your idea to life.


Need to train your staff on Drupal, SEO, content strategy, or anything else involving the web? Our friendly in-house tech staff will be happy to provide onsite or remote training for your company to help you maintain dynamic, up-to-date content and heighten the website experience.