Scranton Gillette Communications Announces Promotion of Two Senior Vice Presidents and Director


Arlington Heights, IL (January 16, 2013) — Scranton Gillette Communications recently announced the promotion to Senior Vice President of both Hal Gillette and Joel Hughes.

Gillette will research new and ancillary markets with a focus on new market development. In partnership with SGC brand publishers, Hughes will be responsible for the corporate-wide development and strategic direction of new and existing online products, sites or services for market-specific applications.

Kevin Herda has been promoted to Director of Information Technology, assuming responsibility for all web and infrastructure information systems functions, including the direction and control of systems design, analysis applications, programming, database management, telecommunications and data processing operations.

These promotions facilitate the SGC corporate objectives of growth, efficiency and engagement, and bring innovative solutions and expanded digital capabilities to the diverse marketplace that SGC currently serves, with a concentration on growing opportunities in new markets.